Yes! Sensitive Skin Clinic Offers Secure Check-Out.

Sensitive Skin Clinic has an SSL Certificate that verifies we use Secure Socket Layer technology to keep you safe.  When you enter credit card numbers here, your message to us is encrypted and your transaction is secure.  In fact, the issuer of our SSL Certificate offers a $10,000 warranty that provides you protection if you suffer financial loss through their negligence (see our certificate issuer's SSL features).  You can shop and buy without worry when you checkout on our site.

Never type in your credit card number or other sensitive personal information into a web form, unless that web page encrypts your information as it travels around the Internet to get to its destination! If your card number and identity aren't encrypted, bad guys monitoring the Internet traffic passing their server can listen in and illegally rip off your information.

Doesn't Every Online Store Provide Secure Checkout?

They should. But, it is not illegal for businesses to ask you to submit your credit card, bank account, or other identity sensitive information in a completely unsafe way.  Similarly, some businesses ask that you email them your contact information and credit card numbers.  Those requests are also not illegal, but you should NEVER send sensitive information via regular email because those messages also can be intercepted by monitoring bad guys!

How Do I Know THIS Site is Secure?

SSL signs on your web browserThe top web browsing software programs all give you a visual display when you are on a page that is properly secure.  The examples on the right show how Sensitive Skin Clinic's check-out pages display the reassuring padlock symbol on the top 4 web browsers.

In addition, most  browsers have built-in functions that check the SSL Certificate on a site to make sure that it is valid and not expired. As the checkout page loads, your web browser will be communicating with the certificate authority, verifying that everything is in order.  If there's a problem, such as an expired certificate or if the certificate is from an unknown -- and possibly fraudlent -- source, your browser will warn you.  If there is a problem your  browser will suggest that you DON'T type in your data.  You will not get any browser warnings when you complete your Sensitive Skin Clinic purchase.

Isn't the Address Line Supposed to be Green if the Transaction is Secure?

No, not necessarily.  The lock symbol signifies that the information sent on a page will be encrypted and that your information will be secure.

Browsers turn the address line green when they encounter Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate. 

EV Certificates give buyers an indication that the site owner is a verified corporation. The certificate issuer must confirm that the business is legally registered and in good standing, and typically the process requires a letter from an attorney or accountant. But, an EV Certificate does not provide additional encryption or any assurance that the sellers are honest or that an order will be promptly filled. 

How Else Can I Check that My Order Information will be Safe?

The padlock symbol is the ultimate indication that encryption technology will be used to safeguard your information. There is no better assurance!

For more information about our philisophy and ethics, please read more about Andrew Scoular and his work. Also, check out our product pages -- you can tell that we are passionate about skin care!  In additon, visit our Skin Care TV YouTube channel and our Skin Care the Right Way blog.  If you have more questions, contact Andrew for an answer!